Building Houses of Straw, Sticks and Bricks - The Three Little Pigs

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Keeping with the theme of building, my last workshop for the younger elementary students was about building structures of different materials. I first read the kids the classic tale of the Three Little Pigs. After that we discussed the different materials that were used to build the three houses. I asked for the kids to hypothesise wether the story is correct.

Then was the fun part: the challenge. Dividing the kids into three groups, they had to go and be the three little piggies - one group built a house of STRAWS, the next built a house of POPSICLE STICKS and the third had to build a house of STONES. After a half hour, I was the big bad wolf and came with a blow drier and tried to blow each house down. At the end, we discussed the results, and talked about the different materials used to build houses in general.

I thought that the straw and wood house would blow over, none of them did. The kids liked that the results were not what was expected. Also, we discussed how the masking tape was a huge help, and that without it, there would be no support. Also we compared the masking tape to the real world of building houses - what it would represent.

This was a great science activity, learning to hypothesise, to do an experiment, to test out the hypothesis, and of course to build scale models of real objects/houses. The students had a blast!

I'm attaching the "Challenge" outline, if you would like to do the same fun activity. Also, if you want to find other teaching activities with the "Three Little Piggies" story, I found an awesome site online with links galore - all about the Three Little Piggies: The Three Little Pigs Lesson Plans

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