Subject Centered Teaching vs. Student Centered Teaching

When I took my education degree, there was a lot of talk about Student-Centered teaching versus Subject-Centered teaching versus Teacher-Centered teaching. I was very young and fresh out of my physics / math degree (where the “real learning” took place); I felt that all this talk on “Teaching” was mumbo-jumbo. I really didn’t care about whether I taught the subject, or whether I taught the students. I just wanted to get my certificate so that I could teach math and science in high school. The education degree itself was, for me (the young me) a huge waste of time.

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Hexa-Trex App (on Android)

Finally, our Hexa-Trex app is up on Play Store on Android. We are actively working to have an iOS version up and running soon. Please enjoy, and send me feedback if you have any questions or comments.