Here is a few examples of bubble chamber pictures.

Here is how people set up the bubble chamber:


I know what I want to write. I’m just having difficulty getting started. What can I do?

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As babies, if we never learned to walk, could we still survive in this world?  I think so.  In fact, it is much easier to keep your balance on four legs rather than two.  It is hard to learn to walk, with all the falling down, the trial and error, and mostly error at the beginning, all the bumps and bruises, the tears.  Why do we even bother to teach our children to walk?  Well, walking does make life a lot easier, and maybe in the long run it's worth it.  For instance, it is much faster to get around on two feet, rather than crawling.  When getting around in the street, all

Our world is gradually turning into a global village with the importance of computers and the internet becoming more and more significant. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly necessary to teach children geography so that they are aware of the different countries, people and cultures. There are numerous ways to spice up teaching geography whether you are a teacher or a parent.

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Cool Wing Suits to increase drag - simulating flying:

Falcon dives - the fastest hunter:

Terminal Velocity of a Ferrari:

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The previous post on Teacher Pay Scale Across Canada lead to a huge discussion and many posts on the worth of teachers, etc. The reason for my post originally wasn't for that discussion - instead I wanted to show the inequality in pay across the provinces. Since the last time I posted, the scales have shifted a bit, many of the links I posted do not work anymore, and some provinces have renegotiated their teaching contracts. For this reason, someone asked me to update the article. So that's what I'm doing in this post.

Here are the teacher salaries in 2011. I'll keep it consistent with the previous article: I'm listing the salary I would have within jurisdictions in Canada that I wouldn't mind moving to - mostly cities. I will do it for a teacher with 8 years experience with a bachelor degree + 2 year teaching degree (this is about what I am). But if you want to check your salary in the given province, the link should point you in the right direction.

Here's the updated table for the salary scale across Canada:

Province Salary Year Link
British Columbia (Vancouver) $73,972 2011 BC's Local Collective Agreements (2006 - 2011)
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This is the first time I ever hosted a blog carnival so please bear with me.

While reading the posts submitted to this month's Math Teachers at Play blog carnival, I was struck by how visualization is very important in teaching math, and just math in general. I was happy to read all the "visualization" posts since my recent interest is exactly in visual representations and how they help in learning, especially learning math.

Keeping with the theme of building, my last workshop for the younger elementary students was about building structures of different materials. I first read the kids the classic tale of the Three Little Pigs. After that we discussed the different materials that were used to build the three houses. I asked for the kids to hypothesise wether the story is correct.


A few years back I took a course on Expertise: how experts think, how they become experts, and what it means to be an expert. That course had a huge impact on my thinking. The huge revelation was that "Deliberate Practice" is the only thing that leads people to become experts in any field (Ericsson, 2006). So as the old saying says: "Practice makes perfect". But this practice needs to be "deliberate" which means several things, among them, there needs to be some sort of feedback mechanism (possibly a coach or a feedback of a musical instrument, or even a personal reflection). I always thought that practice is very important, but I never realized that this was really everything. There is no magic pill, no inherent talents, it's pure practice - 10 000 hours of DELIBERATE practice.

Of course there is much more to it than just saying: YOU NEED TO PRACTICE MORE! There needs to be the will to practice (motivation), the opportunity (appropriate environment), and of course there needs to be the appropriate feedback, so that the practice is deliberate. But when it boils down to comparing an expert and a non expert, the expert just put in more time into the field.

Ever since that revelation, I have a completely different view of the world. When I think about how my children learn, how they think, or if I read an interesting article about learning / teaching I go back to that idea, and then it all makes sense.