When you are done your first degree, sometimes it is nice to start work right away. However, sometimes work doesn't seem to be available for your specific field of study. Teaching is an excellent alternative, especially if you like to mold young minds. Not everyone can be an effective teacher, and I don't know how much can be learned in a university classroom. However, in Canada, to be a teacher, you must possess a teaching degree, which enables you to get a teaching certificate. Without a teaching certificate, you cannot teach legally in Canadian schools.

I am working on an adding game for very young kids (2 to 4 year olds). It is based on counting on fingers. Children learn how to add quickly if they start to recognize their hand and finger positions. For instance, children that are good at adding don't need to count if they see three fingers on one hand, they just know it's three. Similarly, it is beneficial for a budding child's faster math skills, for him or her to knows that a full hand of five fingers and the other hand with three is eight, without counting. This game is designed such that the child gets a lot of practice with associating finger positions with the appropriate numbers.

Here are a few games for physics for review...

For Grade 11 physics (Physics 20 in Alberta):


The following article was originally published at: Teacher Pay and Standard of Living in the US

Teacher pay, by state, is easy to find online. However, some states have higher costs of living than others. For example, $50,000 in California spends much differently than it does in Tennessee. With that in mind, which states have the best- and worst-compensated teachers, given cost of living and taxes?

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As babies, if we never learned to walk, could we still survive in this world?  I think so.  In fact, it is much easier to keep your balance on four legs rather than two.  It is hard to learn to walk, with all the falling down, the trial and error, and mostly error at the beginning, all the bumps and bruises, the tears.  Why do we even bother to teach our children to walk?  Well, walking does make life a lot easier, and maybe in the long run it's worth it.  For instance, it is much faster to get around on two feet, rather than crawling.  When getting around in the street, all

Our world is gradually turning into a global village with the importance of computers and the internet becoming more and more significant. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly necessary to teach children geography so that they are aware of the different countries, people and cultures. There are numerous ways to spice up teaching geography whether you are a teacher or a parent.

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Cool Wing Suits to increase drag - simulating flying:

Falcon dives - the fastest hunter:

Terminal Velocity of a Ferrari:

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