How can your puzzle-solving skills help you in developing your career?

Guest post by Laura Anderson

There are many reasons why people like to solve puzzles. Solving puzzles can be a great way to help you sharpen your mind or enjoy your time playing them, but did you know that your puzzle-solving skills can help you develop your career? There are many benefits to knowing how to solve puzzles, and the skills you learn from them can be easily applied to many career paths. This article will look at what valuable skills you can develop from solving puzzles and how these skills can help you out in your professional life.

What skills can you learn from puzzle-solving

There are many things one can learn from regularly solving puzzles.

  • Cognitive abilities: Regularly solving puzzles and learning to do new ones can significantly benefit your cognitive abilities. Many people consider challenging puzzles a great way to boost your intelligence and develop your brain. Puzzles have shown many positive results in improving people’s memory skills.
  • Analytical skills: Plenty of puzzles can significantly boost your analytical skills as puzzle-solving requires a person to look for a pattern and solve the problem that way. Regularly solving puzzles makes you much faster in recognizing patterns.
  • Planning your approach: regularly solving puzzles makes a person better at planning their approach to solving a puzzle. Having a proper plan makes solving the puzzle easier and more efficient. Most of the time, this planning is done subconsciously, and most people don’t think much about it.
  • Perseverance: solving very hard and challenging puzzles requires a lot of time and concentration from a person. People who regularly solve these types of puzzles develop a lot of stamina in doing this and the ability to stick to the task despite it being very challenging.

How do the learned skills from puzzle-solving help professionally?

The skills mentioned above are what you can learn and develop from puzzle-solving, but how do these skills benefit you in your professional life and career development.

Cognitive abilities

An overall improvement in your cognitive abilities and memory skills can help you in pretty much any job, making you a more capable worker. Improved memory enables you to remember important dates and tasks more quickly and leaves fewer chances for you to forget something important. A person with higher intelligence will be able to learn and perform most tasks much more efficiently.

Analytical skills

One of the most significant benefits of puzzle-solving is that it greatly improves your analytical skills, and in some career paths, this can be a big boost. Jobs that require a lot of attention to detail and need you to pick up on patterns require good analysis from employees. A great example of this is a detective, as one of the main parts of a detective’s job is to look for small details and connect them.

Analytical skills can also help you out in general in any line of work. Many jobs will require problem-solving, and analyzing a problem properly can be very valuable.


Proper planning and order in which you solve problems and tasks can boost your career. People who can plan their approach to problem-solving are more likely to solve the problems quicker and better than the people who don’t plan as well. Many jobs prefer employees who can do more with less time as it can help the company and increases the value you offer to them.


Many people struggle with sticking to a task and staying concentrated. Being more focused and committed to a task is becoming rarer by the day as many researchers believe that people nowadays have more trouble staying focused. If you can persevere more than other employees and stay focused better, it helps you stand out and can advance you a lot in your job.

How to know which skills are valuable to me?

It can be tough to find the specific skills you might need. A great way to know what is best for you is to seek career counselling. A good career counsellor can help you develop yourself and your skills, and they can also help you find the perfect job for you.

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