Teacher Pay Scale Across Canada

I couldn't believe it. I was in shock when I actually looked it up. This last year, I was making $30,000 less in Quebec than if I was working as a teacher in Alberta. I used to live in Alberta, and therefore I can't believe that I am worth so much less, just by living a few provinces down; and this doesn't even include the huge taxes that are taken off here in Quebec as opposed to Alberta.

Previously, I wrote a post about salaries in Canada and how they compare to test scores. Higher Teacher Salary = Better Education. In that post I was stunned at how correlated those two values were. But it seemed like the pay scale were somewhat comparable (plus or minus a 5 thousand dollars). But I was comparing statistics from 2001. Not now! Just a few years later and now there's a HUGE difference in the salaries.

Since it was not so easy for me to look up the most recent salary grids for all the provinces (a lot of clever internet searching, including emailing some schools for first hand information), I thought I would post all the provinces' teaching salary scales here (as a comparison), for future reference, for myself and anybody else that wants to know.

Just a few guidlines:

In most provinces, the salary is not the same in all cities / districts, but within 10% of each other. I'll therefore take a sample of a city I wouldn't mind living in (usually smaller cities can't attract as many teachers, so they pay more than the big cities). Also, the salaries usually depend on the amount of years of university/college, and years of teaching experience. I will use my university years (6 years - 4 yrs undergrad, 2 yrs ed. after-degree) and teaching experience (8 years) as an example. If you want to check for yourself, I give links to the actual sites from which I got the information, thus you can check the salary for you specifically.


Province Salary Year Link
British Columbia (Vancouver Island) $72,242 2008 Vancouver Island North Payscale
Alberta (Calgary) $74,299 2007 Collective agreement - ATA
Saskatchewan $67,293 2007 Collective Agreement - STF
Manitoba (Winnipeg) $74,317 2008 Collective Bargaining - MTS
Ontario (Toronto) $75,688 2007 Collective Agreement - OSSTF
Quebec $46,341 2007 Collective Agreement - QPAT
New Brunswick $57,126 2008 None - negotiations under way.
Nova Scotia (Halifax) $67,277 2007 Collective Agreement - NSTU
P.E.I. $60,296 2008 PEITF Handbook
Newfoundland $61,899 2007 Collective Agreement -NLTA

I's not only Alberta! Most provinces are on par with Alberta. It's Quebec - as if it was in Medieval times. What is up with that? This can't last long. If in Ontario and New Brunswick (the two neighbouring provinces) are $10,000 to $30,000 higher than here in Quebec, there is no way Quebec will not have to catch up with the salary - It's risking a major shortage of teachers in the next few years. Next year, I'm looking for a job in Ontario (I'm only a half hour away... I might as well move that half hour away, to save on taxes also). I cannot believe Quebec... where are these enormous taxes going to? - not the teachers, that's for sure!

Updated version of this comparison for 2011:Teacher Pay Scale Across Canada - Update for 2011

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