Canadian Teacher Salary Rankings: Provinces and Territories

Today I came across this table provided by the British Columbia Teacher Federation Research department ( BCTF Research ). It has the ranking of the provinces and territories in Canada for the most recent negotiated contracts in the provinces. The results are similar to the ones I posted (Teacher Pay Scale Across Canada - Update for 2011), but it shows that I didn't pull my statistics out of the air... this is "research" done by a reputable federation.

The first table is minimum salary (zero years of teaching experience ) for category 5, which means 5 years of university education. The second table is the maximum salary (usually 10-12 years of teaching experience) for category 5 teachers.

The third and fourth tables are for category 6 teachers, which are the ones with at least 6 years of university education including in this some graduate work. The first of the two is for the minimum salary (no teaching experience) and the second is the maximum wage (between 10 - 12 years of teaching experience).

As you can see, the territories are at the top, then Alberta, followed by Ontario. The lowest salary is usually the one with the highest taxes: Quebec. Same result as in my previous post (Teacher Pay Scale Across Canada - Update for 2011).

What's up with that? The highest taxed provinces pay the lowest wages to the people they should be supporting the most - their public sector - shouldn't the taxes be going there in the first place? And the lowest taxed provinces / territories pay their public sector workers (teachers) the most. (By the way, I think it's the same with doctors and nurses...) I don't get it - we live in an upside down world.

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