Teacher Pay Scale Across Canada - Update for 2011

The previous post on Teacher Pay Scale Across Canada lead to a huge discussion and many posts on the worth of teachers, etc. The reason for my post originally wasn't for that discussion - instead I wanted to show the inequality in pay across the provinces. Since the last time I posted, the scales have shifted a bit, many of the links I posted do not work anymore, and some provinces have renegotiated their teaching contracts. For this reason, someone asked me to update the article. So that's what I'm doing in this post.

Here are the teacher salaries in 2011. I'll keep it consistent with the previous article: I'm listing the salary I would have within jurisdictions in Canada that I wouldn't mind moving to - mostly cities. I will do it for a teacher with 8 years experience with a bachelor degree + 2 year teaching degree (this is about what I am). But if you want to check your salary in the given province, the link should point you in the right direction.

Here's the updated table for the salary scale across Canada:

Province Salary Year Link
British Columbia (Vancouver) $73,972 2011 BC's Local Collective Agreements (2006 - 2011)
Alberta (Calgary) $87,954 2011 Alberta Teachers' Association Collective agreements (2006 - 2012)
Saskatchewan $72,435 2010 Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation Collective Agreement (2007 - 2010)
Teachers in Saskatchewan are currently trying to negotiate another contract.
Manitoba (Winnipeg) $76,547 2010 MTS Collective Agreements
Ontario (Toronto) $83,865 2011 OSSTF Collective Agreement (2008 - 2012)
Quebec (Montreal) $52,435 2011 Montreal Teachers' Association Collective Agreement (2010-2011)
New Brunswick $72,536 2011 New Brunswick Teachers' Federation Agreement (2008-2012)
Nova Scotia $59,644 2010 NSTU Collective Agreement (2008-2010)
P.E.I. $64,608 2011 PEI Teachers' Federation Agreement (2010 - 2013)
Newfoundland $69,994 2011 NLTA Collective Agreement (2008-2012)

As you can see from the table, not much has changed since last time I did this comparison (2008). The ranking of the provinces is still similar - Quebec near the bottom of the pack, Alberta near the top. I decided to follow my own advice and move to Alberta (from Quebec). I'm just finishing off the school year and doing a road trip through Canada back to Calgary! I'm pretty psyched - plus there's less tax on top of the pay hike!

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