Higher Teacher Salary = Better Education

A recent conversation with a friend of mine, got me thinking about teacher salaries.  I never thought that I would be a better teacher if I got paid more money.  I am the type of teacher I am, and no matter what school I work at, and what pay I get, I still take care of my students the same way, and teach the same way.  I did realiz that if I got paid significantly worse, where I couldn't afford to live off of just one job, and, let's say, I would need to get another night job (on top of my day teaching), then the students would suffer.  However, I don't have two jobs, and I don't suffer financially, therefore I never understood how my teacher salary would affect how well my students would learn. 

Well, my friend opened my eyes.  He didn't present a very hard concept; it's just something I never thought of before:  The higher the pay, the better/more people are attracted to the job, and in the long run, we get better teachers.  This is so obvious, that I feel very stupid to admit that I never thought of it before.  And, statistically it's true - at least in Canada. 

In Canada, each district gets to decide individually the teacher pay scale, but the scale is very similar for every district in a particular province.  Alberta has the highest teacher salaries (according to Alberta Learning Statistics), and consequently has the highest ranking in education (according to Statistics Canada).  The correlation is amazing:

Province Teacher Starting Salary Teacher Max Salary Reading Literacy 
Prince Edward Island $30,341 $59,657 517
Newfoundland $34,838 $60,212 517
New Brunswick $33,776 $62,292 501
Quebec $36,196 $63,527 536
Manitoba $37,948 $65,310 529
Saskatchewan $38,700 $66,103 529
Nova Scotia $35,906 $67,978 521
British Columbia $37,908 $70,684 538
Ontario $37,043 $73,472 533
Alberta $43,653 $74,126 550

Note:  The similarity is the same when taking into account math and science scores, however, just to prove my point, I included only the literacy score.

Internationally it is hard to get comparing statistics, as there are other factors contributing to salaries / education performance.

I think it is safe to say that the more worthy teachers are perceived in the community (in terms of money, because that's how "worth" is really measured in our society), the better education the students get!  Wow - so obvious, yet so eye-opening (to me).

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