How to add some spice to teaching geography

Our world is gradually turning into a global village with the importance of computers and the internet becoming more and more significant. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly necessary to teach children geography so that they are aware of the different countries, people and cultures. There are numerous ways to spice up teaching geography whether you are a teacher or a parent.

To begin with, nowadays there is access to news everywhere we turn. Whether on your phone, TV or computer you can get immediate news from around the world at the touch of a button.
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If a natural disaster occurs somewhere in the world or there is civil unrest somewhere, it can be an opportunity for geography teachers to raise the discussion and offer insight in to the causes and location of the issue with their class.

You can use teaching resources to aid the learning of the child, such as an atlas or globe so that children can identify where the incident occurred.

To make learning possible at home, buy your child geography based games. This will give your child the fun alternative to learning something new. Your child could be learning the capital cities of countries from all over the world without even realising it.

Teachers are often guilty of using the textbook to teach students the ways of geography. However, this can cause lack of concentration and stimulation to learn as the repetitive nature of the lesson becomes dull and tedious.

Why not take your pupils to the computer room and get them involved in geography related computer games? Once again, this will give children the chance to make learning fun, and they will respect being taken away from the boring side of learning.

If your child or student has been taught a specific area of geography and needs testing, why not see if there is a puzzle on the subject? This will give you the opportunity to see how long it takes different groups of students to piece the puzzle together.

This encourages teamwork, and for unsure students they can benefit from learning off their peers who do know. Students that have to solve subjects in teams will bounce ideas off each other and it is a fantastic way to learn.

For areas such as the capital cities of countries in the world, you could set your students the task of creating their own acronym, poem or song to make those capitals stick a little easier. They can then perform them to the class for a bit of a giggle, and for memorising long lists such as capitals an acronym or poem can be simple but very effective.

Teachers and parents should keep their eyes out for any school trips or excursions to a place of geographical importance. This will allow children to apply the knowledge learnt in a classroom to real life, which is an interactive and interesting way to improve enthusiasm on geographical areas.

There are plenty of great teaching resources available to spice up the classroom. For question and answer responses and games why not use an inflatable globe to play catch with for those answers from students. Other useful resources and equipment include map flags, atlases and electronic devices for field trips and, of course, school stationery.

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